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You can officially order my memoir.

Paint My World Purple

Color Changes As Healing Progresses

This book tells the story of my experience with domestic violence as a young woman and how I finally got out of the vicious cycle and walked away to give myself and my son a better life. 

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"There is positivity in all that we go through in life. My transformational coaching will help to reveal that."


Imagine sitting at the table with your mom, sister or favorite female relative. As you converse with them, you hang on to their every word because the wisdom that drips from their lips like sweet nectar, is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. And these words have the power to transform your life, if you would only learn from their triumphs and tribulations. A Woman’s Journey to Self-Assurance shares the incredible life stories of eight women. Women, whose lives speak to their truth of overcoming guilt and shame, family secrets and abuse. These women decided to dig deep within themselves for you, so that you can know that no matter where your life takes you, what’s greater is always better than what’s been. 

As you read this book, you may cry, laugh or shake your head in anguish as these voices stand up boldly from the pages on which you found them. But be of good cheer, as these eight phenomenal women take you down the path of their personal journey to self-assurance.


"Whatever They Say..." T-Shirt

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Hi! I am COACH MARY and together 

we are going to restore your faith in love and in life!

As you move through life and enter into relationships, you will naturally experience challenges and set backs. However, these challenges become problematic when you have either not fully healed from your past trauma, struggle with how to communicate effectively, or lack unconditional self-love. 

As a Transformational Life Coach and Relationship Expert, I see all too often my clients staying in toxic relationships past their expiration date, or allowing themselves to suffer while seeking true love due to a lack of vital self-love, or couples that have not resolved their past and it is wreaking havoc on their relationship. 

Those moments and situations can make you feel...






This is not the life that any one wants to live and definitely not the one that God has intended for you. 

But the first step starts with healing. My coaching program are all designed to heal the core areas that are holding you back and to lead you to having a healthy relationship with your partner and within your self. 


I am here to encourage, strengthen, direct, and assist with creating the LIFE THAT YOU ENVISION.




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"Tap into and pull out your purpose.

I encourage

strengthen, direct, and assist

with developing your vision into reality."

Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One?

I Wrote A Quick Book That Can Help You Heal, Thrive, and Move Forward

It is available on Amazon 


About Mary

I am living proof that all of us are children of God. As I continue to move through life, my deep and unwavering faith in the Lord inspires me to share his promises and vision with the world. That is how MarySeeds was born. On a deeper level, I specifically work with women that struggle to see their self-worth and couples that desire to strengthen their union where God is at the center.


In 2016 I became a Wedding Officiant, Ordained Interfaith Minister in the state of South Carolina. I am also a notary of the public. I am currently completing my degree in Psychology after receiving my Associate of Arts degree in Psychology from Liberty University.


I am passionate about leading people towards their gifts, uniting couples in matrimony, and studying the gospel of the Lord.

Mary Reese, Author


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