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When you decide that the only person you have to please is yourself, it is empowering and motivating. It is a fantastic feeling shutting out the opinions of the outside world which is what I encourage each and every one of you do. If the only person you are competing with is yourself, you can set realistic, attainable, and rewarding goals. Why Compare? The act of comparison is like being an emotional cutter- don’t be violent or mean to yourself for no reason other than just because your path is different from the person’s path beside you. Be your own cheerleader. Stop comparing yourself with others and instead refocus all that energy internally and focus on how you can become the best version of you. It’s all about resisting the urge of comparing your chapter one to somebody else’s chapter 50. It’s not healthy, it’s not realistic and most importantly, it’s not relevant. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed just because you notice that someone else’s path looks better or more fun than your own path. I think people tend to forget that while someone’s path might look all fun and rosy, you don’t know what is going on inside and their own challenges they are facing. 

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